Mix Types Offered

“From runways to waterways, from parking lots to driveways.”

With 20 plants and more than a half-century of experience across all paving applications, Adams has the expertise—and the capacity—to provide every major type of asphalt mix:

  • fine topping mix
  • intermediate coarse
  • dense grade mix
  • asphalt curb mix
  • open-graded mix
  • sand mix

Adams is one of the few suppliers in the region able to meet the stringent specifications of Stone Matrix Asphalt, a coarse, rut-resistant mix with a 20-year life expectancy. Developed in Germany for the Autobahn, this durable blend is ideally suited for interstates and other extremely high-traffic roadways.

We’re also experts in formulating specialty custom blends to achieve the optimal balance of characteristics demanded by your project (durability, traction, porosity/drainage, surface noise, marker visibility, etc.)

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements; whatever your need may be, chances are we’ve tackled it before.

Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

Some do not realize that old asphalt can be milled and reprocessed—making asphalt 100% recyclable! In many jobs, we incorporate 15-20% recycled product in the application; however, Adams was the first contractor in Virginia to be able to lay down a 30% RAP mix.